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Ambassadors ONLY shipping, description and disclaimer.  Shipping cost 1lb 

HI! Thank you for considering promoting my product line. As a independently owned and operated handmade brand I need you!!! 

This listing is for 3 or more (depending on your engagement) products for you to use & review. 1lb shipping cost (I use some glass)   

As a PinkBeauty Ambassador you just use my products- give your honest opinion - take great photos & videos- post on social media {being sure to tag me}  

Make sure when ordering to note the products you’d be interested in trying out in the notes section before you pay shipping

Depending on location shipping costs may vary  

Customer discount codes will be given to you before you’re  ready to review- good for 20-50% off depending on companies situation at said time 

If you choose to continue to promote my line email me! All I ask is you cover shipping  

Details about the ambassadorship 

PinkBeauty ambassadors are extremely important to me, to the growth and presence of my brand.  I alone run PinkBeauty, create products etc- even down to the Hand cut labels. I am straight forward and honest & I expect my ambassadors to do the same.
You must post a min of 3 FEED posts a month & some stories sharing in order to continue to receive PR.
Your code gives shoppers 30% off their orders. This code is personal to you and every referral goes towards Free Products and Commissions.  
After $100 in referrals you’ll earn 10% of that month’s referrals. You can get products or PayPal.  
I typically send out TRIAL products. Things that genuinely need to be tested. I will ask prior to sending it. Your opinions help develop and design my products. Most of the time you’ll get “newer” products as well. Obviously new products need to be pushed. 
Without you- I will not succeed. I only ask you cover your shipping your honest with me & with your reviews. (I ask that products are rated on line too).  

If you have any questions at all EMAIL ME 



PinkBeauty products are handmade in very small batches, so they may have some slight imperfections possibly varying from photos, but it will never affect the performance of the product. I’m continually learning & improving upon my line, check back periodically for ingredient updates 

I Do not use traditional “chemical” preservatives or PEGs in my products.  Common preservatives you’ll find are Leucidal Liquid (radish root) sodium bicarbonate, germall plus- these are broad spectrum preservation products- HOWEVER Rule of thumb when using natural organic products is - Keep in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight, try to keep evaporations to a minimum by whipping the lids 


***Processing/Filling orders  can sometimes take around 14+ business days (not including weekends) during sales and high volume times.     

 I am a one woman show and make every product by hand , one by one as the orders come in, to ensure that you get the freshest products possible. I ask that you take that into consideration

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions regarding your order   And I will get back to you as fast as possible.


Pay close attention to the detailed list of ingredients as I can not accept returns HOWEVER  I will do a partial refund (½ the product price) If you are not satisfied with the product


PinkBeauty products are animal cruelty free contain no dyes, perfumes, sulfides, Preservatives, PEGs, GMO’s or Parabens 


—Pinkbeauty ad its owner Christal Aberle- is not responsible for any person's use of its products, nor any person's reactions from the use of its products. Finished Products have not been tested, evaluated, nor approved by the FDA. The FDA does not certify finished products ONLY  the ingredients have been. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. —


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