Acne types & treatment

Acne types & treatment

SKIN CARE 101 series on with ACNE. The different types and treatments!

When it comes to acne, all forms have one thing in common: clogged pores. It’s the substances and underlying causes of clogged pores that differentiate inflamed acne from non-inflamed acne 🖤

Inflamed comedones: These are swollen blackheads and whiteheads.

Papules: These small, pus-filled red bumps appear on your skin’s surface.

Pustules: These are similar to papules but larger in size.

Nodules. These small, pus-filled bumps lie below the surface of your skin.

Cysts: Cysts are the most severe type of inflamed acne. Like nodules, they sit below the surface of your skin. They’re filled with pus and are usually large and painful when touched. Cystic acne is best treated by hormonal balancing treatments such as birth control or steroid treatments  best treated by a professional derm or dr 🖤🖤

The best way to treat ALL acne is proper exfoliation. You should add products that contain tea tree oil , Apple cider vinegar & use a oil free moisturizer  You want to use products that balance your sebum production rather then depleting it. The more oils that are stripped from the skin cause it to produce MORE OIL. Stay far away from PEELS. These types of skin care products remove small hairs in your pores that help oils circulate  If these hairs are removed not only will it hurt but it’ll cause excessive oil production in the tzone  If you wear makeup choose non-comedogenic water based products! 

Natural p!nk beauty acne remedies include ACV toner, Kokum butter microdermabrasion scrub, cinnamon scrub, tea tree mud mask, lavender spray & lavender sheet mask . I have many more options for you if you are a acne sufferer. đź–¤ If you have any other questions about which type of acne you have please dm me! #acne #skincare101 #acnetreatments #whattypeofacnedoyouhave ? #organicskincareproducts #sebumreducer #oilyskintreatment #organicskincareph #acneproblems #acneproneskin

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