Collection: Acne Prone Skin Treatments

In this collection you’ll find everything you need to diminish & prevent acne breakouts.

In this collection I have Treatments for cystic acne (the large painful under the skin never surfacing type acne)  Body Acne, active pop-able pimples, adult acne, blackheads & hormonal acne. For both men & women. 

I use only the best organically sourced chemicals and clays to treat existing acne & prevent it from coming back.  Like salicylic acid treatments, spot treating mud masks & toners specifically designed to clean the pores & balance ph levels.

Most severe Acne prevention starts from the INSIDE. I suggest all who have severe reoccurring acne problems to up your vitamin C levels by taking a supplement full of vitamin c, biotin, keratin & vitamin e. PLEASE SPEAK TO YOUR PHYSICIAN BEFORE TAKING ANY SUPPLEMENTS. 

Acne can be tricky, there are several types of acne. Most common is the papules - the ones that pop up & pop easily and some is hormonal. Most of us can’t afford the dermatologist so I’ve added a link to a Google Search that explains the types. ACNE TYPES so please email me so we can decide what can help Your type of acne.   

No matter the skin type I always suggest a exfoliation & toner. The exfoliation process removes any impurity’s & dead skin that can manifest itself and come out in the form of acne. A toner helps to balance the sebum production bringing the skin to the necessary acidity Levels . Most acne prone skin is linked to over producing sebaceous glands/oily skin. Yet .... acne can occur on ALL SKIN TYPES. 


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