PinkBeauty Cosmetics

PinkBeauty Cosmetics

SO I decided to make Organic Makeu/ cosmetics.

Something I hadn't set out to do but here we are. Due to covid ruining our way of life vendors like me kinda lost a lot. Instead of complain I'm going to make you makeup. Along with a healthy skincare routine your skin can look flawless in no time.  I know that my skin, looks better now then 5 years ago. 

What is Organic Makeup? For most its a dream come true because It's essentially  natural, with naturally derived ingredients, and healthier because it's typically free of irritating ingredients and additives like preservatives, parabens, chemical dyes, fragrance and harsh oil. These naturally derived ingredients include the mica, pigments and oxides that color a product,  Clay that comes from the earth and minerals like pearl powder that come from the sea. Things like rose petal powder are incredible for ones skin 

I hope you'll trust my ingredients by now to know that I am using the highest quality pigments and mica's that I can, But more so the "Fillers" required to make a eye shadow a eye shadow and not just mica, are Natural, Organic and of Botanical in nature. From Rose petal powder blended with a rose kaolin clay and real pearls, Silk peptides and botanical extracts  These real natural ingredients make for some solid makeup. 

My 2nd released is this powder that I really believe the more you wear it the more you wont need it!   

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