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Goddess Oil

Goddess Oil

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You are a goddess, And this ginger peach scented shine will make you look, feel & smell like that stunning goddess you are 

A healthy blend of Avocado oil, grape seed oil, sunflower oil & mct kissed with peach and ginger extracts 

I chose a peach scent to add to the sex appeal of it all (those that understand, will love it) 

Like the skin's own natural oil, or sebum, this glistening oil is an emollient, meaning it adds hydration and smooths. That makes it a perfect moisturizer as it helps skin to retain water.

YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE THIS IF YOU WOULD LIKE- you choose I have neon green & everything in between 

As mentioned I used these ingredients & here is why ......

Avocado oil 🥑-  contains a high percentage of Vitamin E, as well as potassium, lecithin, and many other nutrients which can nourish and moisturize your skin. The oleic acid also promotes collagen production, which helps grow new skin. This anti-aging powerhouse with its folate & fatty acids really help to get that skin healthy & fresh looking 

Grape Seed Oil 🍇- There are many uses of grapeseed oil for the skin, especially on the face. Because it contains high levels of vitamin E, this oil may contribute to better skin and reducing UV damage. Being that grape seed oil contains vitamin E—an ingredient commonly found in expensive eye creams that reduces inflammation- as well as moisturizing fatty acids, it helps skin appear tighter and more youthful.

Mct which is fractionated coconut oil 🥥 - MCTs Have Anti-Microbial Properties  The acids that make up MCTs, particularly lauric acid, found in larger quantities in coconut oil, are known for their anti-microbial properties. MCT oil has been studied as an effective topical treatment for acne and other minor skin irritations.

Sunflower oil 🌻 -  linolic acid helps to maintain the skin's natural barrier, supporting its ability to retain moisture. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect when used topically. This makes it beneficial for dry skin and for conditions, such as eczema.  

MICA, TIN OR TITANIUM DIOXIDE  mica is a natural occurrence in sands and rocks 

PEACH FO/EO well it’s a blend of both peachy sweet spring time with that hint of a 🙄 oh it smells soooo good  


All Pinkbeauty products are handmade with all natural organic ingredients. A natural preservative is used however I do suggest all products be kept in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. they do not need to be refrigerated , however if you do keep it there. Don’t allow products to change the temperature to many times. This will kill off the broad-spectrum organic preservatives.

All of our natural & organic products are lovingly made by hand. This means that occasionally you may notice a slight color variance when comparing to our product pictures.

My packaging may differ to what is displayed here, depending on our suppliers, but sizes will always remain constant. I’m currently upgrading to glass everything.

Finally, we’re improving on our formulas! Our website is up to date with the latest ingredient lists, but please note that our labels are a work in progress. If you’re uncertain, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

the FDA does not regulate skincare therefore these statements have not been evaluated, and does not intend to prevent, treat or cure any disease.  Always patch test and take caution when trying new products. Use at your own risk. I, PinkBeauty is not responsible for any burns, rashes or discomfort. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please reach out with your questions or concerns

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