Collection: Dry Skin Treatments

Oh the dreaded dry skin... plagued me my whole life. You’d think- slap some butter or oil on that dry patch & it’ll go away. Maybe that tactic works on dry heals but dry facial skin is a entirely different story.  Especially as we age our skin looses moisture holding capabilities causing dry spots and tightness.  Dry skin needs Moisture & Balance. Always start with a Rosewater toner of your choice. This will be the moisture your skin will be sucking up so it’s important to apply serums & creams while face is still damp.  EXFOLIATION is key! Get yourself on a 2-3 day a week light exfoliator.  

Those with dry skin may experience the common form of dryness (peeling flaky skin). Yet, mila - small flesh or white colored bumps on the skin, eczema- flaky itchy skin, tight feeling, wrinkles and other forms of dermatitis that cause dryness. 

Dry facial skin can be treated in many ways however I Always suggest a gentle microdermabrasion/exfoliation first, dry skin toner second then a oil or cream to rehydrate. 

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