FAQ If YOU have a question EMAIL me

How Long will I have to wait before receiving my order?

  • Typically takes 14+ days (depending on volume of sales) to make, package & ship orders, as each order is filled as they are received and products are made fresh. If you need rush shipping you can add that to your order for a additional $10 

Are all products organic?

  • Yes, All products are certified organic due to the ingredients I use. I only use quality ingredients that clearly state their organic nature or those that display the ADA CERTIFIED symbols. 

Are the products Fresh?

  • I create each product by hand by hand before shipping to ensure absolute freshness the ONLY thing I keep stock of is creams, lotions and body butters. Even those are made in no more then 24-48oz at a time. 

How do I find what I am looking for?

  • My collections are divided into multiple sections. You can simply use the Search bar to look up a ailment (example- Acne) or by TYPE (example-Creams) 

Can I request changes to any product?

  • In Most cases, YES. However omitting a ingredient in a cream is a lot harder then in a toner or clay mask. I ask that If you have known allergies or are sensitive to certain oils that you email me to create a custom order.

Do you accept Custom orders, how much would it be? 

  • Yes, I love creating new products. If you have a idea in mind something you have used or seen somewhere else I suggest emailing me so i can come up with some thing similar (however I DO NOT copy other brands products, I will come up with my own interpretation of such). I will give estimated costs yet i would need time to figure out the individualized ingredient cost. ALL custom orders MUST be for over 4oz or more. 

Do you send PR?

  • No, IF YOUR LOOKING FOR FREE PRODUCTS TO “REVIEW/PROMOTE” please don’t bother. Not to be rude but FREE to you is $40-$60 out of pocket For me. In the hope that a review will be posted and track attention. its simply not worth it to me. 
  • In order to keep my prices low for my customers I don’t give out products. PinkBeauty is owned and operated by One sole person, ME Christal Aberle. If I were to hand out products to all who ask I would easily go out of business. Consider my line to be a boutique, ONLINE. 
  •  Beauty Bloggers that focus on Skincare will be offered 50% off one purchase in exchange for a introduction post. If you like what you purchased you will be offered a ambassadorship. More details will eventually come to the inquitier 

Beauty box/Wholesale

  • Whole Sale inquires Please Email me as each item has its own complex version of ingredients and I charge based on those ingredients. 
  • I have collaborated with several skincare focused beauty boxes and each was a fun success  


Email info@pinkbeautyorganicskincare.com Pinkbeautyorganicskincare@gmail.com or Via Instagram @pinkbeauty_organicskincare