How to Store Your PinkBeauty Organic Skincare

If this is your first time using organic skincare or if you’ve been living the green lifestyle for a while, learning how to Store your products is extremely important. 

No matter which products you purchased I always always suggest keeping them in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. 

Yet certain organic ingredients can spoil faster then others. Think of them as FOOD GRADE and you’ll have a better understanding.  

I do not use heavy commercial preservatives however I use a leucidal liquid  this is a radish root fermentation that assists water based products maintaining its freshness.  I occasionally use a Germal Plus. This extends shelf life a few months. Or sodium Benzoates a food based preserver  

Keep in mind, Clay masks are made with Rosewater, Aloe distillate, Floral distillations or Distilled water. Water attracts bacteria by nature. So, in order to prevent this bacteria growth I ask you keep your mud masks cold. Please, in order to prevent transfers of bacteria use a spatula or brush to apply. And always close the jar.  

BODY BUTTERS do NOT contain waters. Therefore they have well over 12-24 months shelf life. Yet, your body butter may melt & harden. If this occurs you simply need to mix the butters. 

TONERS are made from waters as well. These can be left out. But you need to keep a eye & nose on them. If you notice a major shift in color, scent or cloudy-ness it’s suggested to ditch it. Again leucidal liquid is used therefore they SHOULD last up to 12 months. 

SERUMS have the same rules as toners. However, the ones with Citric acid, vitamin c, vitamin A & GOLD can change to a “yellow gold” color. This is fine. 

BEAUTY OILS will NOT go bad, they may separate & need a good shaking yet oils do not spoil quickly. If left open or in frequently changing temps can cause them to have a rancid oil scent    

I hope these “organic skincare rules” help you keep your PB products fresher Longer. 



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