PinkBeauty Beginnings

Hi and welcome to my dream come true!
How PinkBeauty came about isn't your average driven success story. To be completely transparent (which I try always to be) it came out of sheer desperation.  I am a 40 year old mom of 2 beautiful daughters whose husband works 90+ hours a week. After decades of struggle, poverty and addiction I sobered myself up, left with the remanence of years of abusing my body and costing my family money, being unemployable.  After 5 years of struggling to make up for my years of discretion I decided I would never become anything unless I did it for myself.  I always had a affinity for beauty, makeup and skincare. I worked as a freelance makeup artist and indie beauty influencer before I started PinkBeauty. I renewed my esthetics courses, retaught myself skin and caring for it, bought a few ingredients and JUMMPED! I did not start out with a plan, investments, nothing! Asides from killer rosewater, basic clay mask, my best selling Hemp and Apricot cream and DESIRE, DRIVE an Determination. 
From there I grew, I engaged with followers, I gained customers who requested products for certain skin issues. I grew my ingredients catalog and NOW have 60 solid products, ingredients and knowledge on how to make hundreds more! 
I am a definite self started, completely hand made, individually owned and operated BRAND.  From buying quality organic ingredients, formulating unique products, testing each item, jarring (packaging) Label designing, printing & cutting, to packaging, shipping, marketing, web site designing, accounting...EVERYTHING (all of which I def. didn't plan on) is ran by Hello - ME, Christal Aberle. Mom, Wife, Addict, Business owner!
I am entering my 2nd year of business with apprehension and excitement. Anything can go wrong and I am fully aware of that, yet I promise as long as I can I will always look to give my customers the best ingredients, unique, Effective, natural, organic, Cruelty & Chemical free self care products.
Thank you for Supporting our journey to health and happiness.